F.M. Manufacturing, Inc.

Hauling portable restrooms to and from an event has always been a labor-intensive mess of straps and tie-downs. Delivering a partial load meant removing all the straps and then re-securing before continuing to the next site. Skimping on the straps was never a good idea until now.

F.M. Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in Innovative Portable Restroom Solutions™ which will help you minimize delivery time, maximize profits, increase service, and save your back.

The Laxi-Taxi I is designed to haul a restroom to any location and back, even when full. It is ideal for golf courses, construction sites, and parties. Operation is so simple that your customer can do their own delivery - and like it! The Laxi-Taxi II has the same innovative design while accommodating two restrooms.

The Laxi-Taxi X series is available to haul 4 (IV) to 20 (XX) Port-A-Jons. It features an individual positive action clamps for each portable. Loading is easy. Deliveries are fun.

Moving a portable restroom short distances is awkward and tiring. Hauling them from the trailer to the unique location of your customer's choosing used to require two men and a boy. Not with the PodiCab. Now even the slightly out of shape can manage the task with ease.

Contact our sales staff today and we will help you increase your profitability with our innovative portable restroom trailer designs.