Laxi-Taxi Single™

Introducing the Laxi-Taxi Single™, a revolutionary trailer designed for seamless transport and convenient use of one portable restroom on the go. This innovative solution is not just a means of transportation; it doubles as a mobile restroom unit, allowing users to access facilities while it remains mounted on the trailer. With a capacity for one portable restrooms, this trailer is perfect for on-the-move scenarios, providing unparalleled convenience for various applications. Whether you’re navigating construction sites, farms, or venturing off the beaten path, this trailer is your reliable partner. If your needs require two restrooms, see our Laxi-Taxi Double™.

Constructed with heavy-duty steel and a 3500-pound torsion-bar axle, the Laxi-Taxi Single ensures robustness, while its diamond-plate reinforced fenders and rigid handrails guarantee safety and durability. The inclusion of solid fold-down steps facilitates easy access for users, making it user-friendly in any setting. The adjustable stabilizing posts ensure stability on diverse terrains, making it ideal for construction sites, farms, and off-road locations.

Experience transport and convenience seamlessly merged into one with the Laxi-Taxi Single, setting a new standard in portable restroom solutions for on-the-go scenarios.