Introducing the PodiCab, a game-changer in the efficient transportation of portable restrooms. Specifically designed to work seamlessly with the Laxi-Taxi X Series or Laxi-Taxi Flatbed, the PodiCab simplifies the process of moving portable restrooms once they are removed from these series. Unlike standard two-wheel carts, the PodiCab boasts a wide base that eliminates the risk of tipping, ensuring a secure and balanced transport every time.

Equipped with large 10" foam-filled tires and featuring six tires as standard, the PodiCab is ready to tackle various terrains with ease. Its robust construction and innovative design make it a reliable companion for the transportation of portable restrooms. What sets the PodiCab apart is its ability to mount securely to the Laxi-Taxi X Series, creating a harmonious system that enhances efficiency and streamlines your operations.

Choose the PodiCab for a transport solution that prioritizes stability, balance, and ease of use, making quick work of moving portable restrooms with unparalleled reliability.